Blis, Mobiclicks to launch location advertising tech

October 4, 2016 • Online & Social, Southern Africa, Top Stories

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Mobiclicks operates throughout Africa as an agency for all mobile marketing and advertising activities

Blis has formed a strategic partnership with South African mobile marketing and media company Mobiclicks. This partnership will enable Blis’ advertising products and services, to be available in sub-Saharan media markets for the first time. The partnership will also help Blis service its growing roster of global clients and agency networks looking to target African audiences.

While location advertising is relatively new in the African market, approximately 15 to 25 percent of campaigns are location-driven and this is growing fast, according to Rosen.

“There is a lack of education in Africa about location and the opportunities and possibilities it offers,” says Rosen. “But the opportunities brands and agencies can achieve by using location is outstanding. Mobiclicks is ready to fulfil this role and educate the market.”

Like many markets, both developing and mature, mobile is the single thread that combines other advertising platforms like TV, OOH and desktop. In Africa mobile is growing exponentially (will source some stats), and is the gateway to the internet for the majority of consumers in all African markets.

“Mobiclicks has had a relationship with key Blis executives over the past few years and has already worked together on various campaigns,” says Harry Dewhirst, President of Blis. “With a background in performance-based marketing, Mobiclicks has a strong team of mobile specialists that have gained proficiency in real-time optimisation, ensuring that clients KPIs are met and optimal ROIs are delivered. We are confident that Mobiclicks will deliver outstanding results using the Blis platform,” added Dewhirst.

By partnering with Blis, Rosen believes Mobiclicks now has a unique approach in the market.

No one at this point is doing location the way Blis is doing it, according to Rosen. And with Proximity and Footfall he thinks the level of analysis is what agencies in Africa are looking for.

“The level of professionalism that Blis offers, and the insights and reports they provide from their analytics are very powerful, plus the fact that Blis is a global business and leader in location data and advertising,” says Rosen.


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