In Pictures: Selling to the CIO Workshop

Selling to the Cio
Selling to the CIO June 2016. (Photography by Darryl Linington).
Selling to the Cio
Selling to the CIO June 2016. (Photography by Darryl Linington).

From 29 – 30 June 2016 IT News Africa once again hosted its executive workshop titled “Selling to the CIO.” The workshop, which was held at Henley Business School in Johannesburg, drew in a number of high-level attendees from across Southern Africa.

The next event to be hosted by IT News Africa will be the African Healthcare Innovation Summit. The summit is set for 24 – 25 August 2016 and will feature an interactive format with roundtable discussions and case studies from leading healthcare CIOs, as well as healthcare entrepreneurs, and government functionaries, all sharing their experiences on what works and what does not. To find out more, please visit:

Key topics discussed at the Selling to the CIO workshop included:
– Your Strategy to Win over the CIO
– Navigating to the CIO: Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches
– The Human Nature of the CIO: A Personal and Psychological Profile.
– Presenting Your Solution: Using Logical Arguments, Emotional Appeal, and your Character.
– Organizing the Presentation to the CIO: How to Gain Credibility and Overcome Objections.
– CIOs Describe Habits of the Best (and Worst) IT Sales Reps
– What CIOs Say Earns Reps Trusted Advisor Status
– Penetrating the Organization at Various Levels of Responsibility
– Communicating Strategic and Operational Value

Attendee feedback
“Excellent workshop and extremely well presented” – Julian Naidoo: CEO, Sashan Investments
“A very good workshop to attend.” – William Foster: Channel Manager, Aria Technologies Africa
“The workshop was great and created great new ways to interact.” – Wynand Breytenbach: Channel Manager, Aria Technologies Africa
“This workshop taught me so much… it’s a Game Changer.” Carmen Hull: Sales Director, Data Tegra
“100% satisfied with this workshop, it’s brilliant.” Leeanne Funck: InfoBuild, Key Accounts Manager

An image gallery from the workshop can be found below:

Photography by Darryl Linington
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