Seedstars set to find Angola’s best startup

Seedstars Angola
Seedstars set to find Angola’s best startup. (Photography By: Darryl Linington).

Seedstars World is returning to Angola on July 27th. In line with its mission to place the spotlight on entrepreneurs from emerging markets, Seedstars World is travelling to more than 65 countries globally and 20+ in Africa this year to identify the best seed-stage entrepreneurs and provide them with an opportunity to win up to USD 1 million and network with investors and mentors from around the world.

Its previous participants have raised over USD 61M collectively, providing employment to more than 400 employees worldwide. In partnership with FACRA, Seedstars World will host the event at the magna room of Banco Económico on the 27th of July.

The companies selected to pitch at the Seedstars Luanda event need to be less than 2 years old, have raised less than USD 500,000 in funding and have built a minimum viable product, ideally with existing traction. The Seedstars World team is searching for one additional criterion – the startup’s regional and global scalability. With a strong network of international partners such as Inmarsat, INADEM, Standard Bank and Deloitte, Seedstars World is looking for smart startups that solve regional issues and develop profitable products for the global market, to support their regional businesses and growth. Applications are open now on

“After finding a young but vibrant ecosystem in Luanda last year, we can’t wait to come back and see the growth and development that has taken place in the country’s startup ecosystem since last year.” says Claudia Makadristo, Associate for Africa at Seedstars World.

Seedstars World is partnering with FACRA, one of Africa’s largest VC Funds with assets in excess of $250 million. As an Angolan Government-backed organization, the Fund’s objective is to encourage innovation in Angola by supporting local entrepreneurs.

Armando Teixeira, FACRA Manager mentioned: “FACRA greatly appreciates the efforts of SeedStars world in promoting and empowering startups all over the world. For FACRA it is imperative that we nurture a pool of young and talented innovators and encourage them to showcase great business ideas through platforms such as Seedstars. With this overarching objective in mind, FACRA has decided to partner with Seedstars World competition to mobilize support and exposure for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. We believe Angolan entrepreneurs can play an increasingly significant role in boosting the country’s economy by developing innovative concepts that can create sustainable businesses.”

Up to 12 of the best seed stage startups in Angola will be invited to pitch for the opportunity to compete at the Seedstars Summit that annually takes place in Switzerland. Angola was previously represented by Jobartis, a jobs and learning platform. “Experiences such as participating at the Seedstars World event are the reason why entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs. Coming from a country where the startup community is so reduced, participating at the Seedstars World is a true eye-opening experience.” Says Luis Verdeja, Co-founder and CEO of Jobartis.

In order to provide local entrepreneurs with this opportunity and aiming to deliver the best possible event, Seedstars World is closely working with local organizer Kianda Hub, who is representing the initiative throughout the year.

“KiandaHub is actively supporting and empowering Angolan tech entrepreneurs by engaging them on events such as the Seedstars Competition. The successful last year’s competition and the quality of the startups was a direct result of the ongoing awareness around the necessity to venture, innovate and challenge the status quo. As active players of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we are looking forward to having an extremely successful event for this year.” says Dizando Norton, Co-Founder and Head of Research and Innovation at KiandaHub.

Further support is provided by Unitel, Total E&P, Fábrica de Sabão, Banco Económico, Djembe Communications, the Angola Ministry of Technology and official media partner Grupo Media Rumo. In addition, Seedstars World has partnered with TRECC to bring the “Transforming Education Prize” which will award the best startup in the education space from around the world with a prize of over USD 50,000.

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