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Ugandan mobile and fixed line subscriptions rise in Q3

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Ugandan mobile and fixed line subscriptions rise in Q3.

Uganda’s total mobile and fixed telephony subscriptions increased by 3.1 percent to 22.97 million in the third quarter from July-September 2015, from 22.29 million in the second quarter.

According to the latest statistics from the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), which was revealed by TelecomPaper, pre-paid subscriptions grew by 743,933 (3.4%); however, post-paid subscriptions dropped by 8,031 (0.03%).  These rates compare with 2.1 percent prepaid growth and 2.2 percent post-paid growth in the second quarter.

According to the report, fixed subscriptions in Uganda dropped from 375,689 to 327,052 (0.13%) compared with the 7.6 percent growth registered in the previous quarter. Tele-density in the country grew by 0.01 percent to 64.3 percent. The previous quarter, however, had registered a 4.6 percent growth in tele-density.

The report further revealed that international incoming voice traffic had grown by 0.07 percent in the third quarter while international outgoing voice traffic dropped by 0.18 percent. In the second quarter, international incoming voice traffic had risen by 5.1 percent and international outgoing voice traffic had dropped by 12.7 percent.

The sector registered slight positive development in SMS. Out-going on-net texts increased from 691.78 million messages to 727.53, reflecting a 0.05 percent growth in the service in the third quarter. Similarly, outgoing off-net SMS increased from 21.93 million to 26.98 million, reflecting a 0.23 percent growth in the service.

The report concluded with stats revealing that international out-going SMS dropped from 5.41 million to 3.68 million, reflecting a 0.32 percent drop in the service. International incoming SMS grew from 20.26 million to 21.27 million, reflecting an 0.05 percent increase in the service.

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