PDF, DOC or DOCX – How to choose the right format for sending documents

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It is often a debatable issue whether one of PDF, DOC and DOCX is the best format for sending documents. (Image Source: desktime.com).

In your daily life you might not need a lot of paperwork to be sent, but in your professional work you may need to send a bunch of documents or texts to other people. It is often a debatable issue whether one of PDF, DOC and DOCX is the best format for sending documents. Do not get confused as here are a few tactics, which will help you select the right format.

Know the innate format for a specific task
All the formats were made for specific task. All you need is to know which format should be used when you tend to send something.

1. For PDF
PDF stands for “portable document format”. As the name suggest it was developed for exchanging complex documents. It comes with a few advantages. First, it is ubiquitous, as numerous applications can generate PDF files. Moreover, anyone with a free Adobe Reader can view them. Apart from this, the format is known to replicate almost anything you see on any printed page including images and texts.

There are also a few drawbacks of PDF, such as the picture becomes blotted especially when the size of the file is too large.  Moreover, the PDF files are not easy to change or edit. It’s hard if you want to change anything on a PDF file. Therefore, it is a good option if you want to send some paperwork that need not be edited ever.

2. Microsoft Word
.doc and .docx formats are also used for distributing documents. They are compact, and the files sent in these formats can be easily edited unlike the PDF format. It is usually the first preference of people who need time for editing.  The drawback of using these formats is that it does not eliminate macros or hyperlinks.

Macros are useful for some while for others it can be a threat. Moreover, some of these macros are also known to have virus, which can seriously affect your computer. Therefore, you need to make sure you remove these macros before sending files.

Change the format whenever necessary
People often exchange the files in the same format they receive. Not knowing how to convert is perhaps the main reason behind this. If you want to edit a post you need to be able to convert it into word. Converter PDF helps in doing the job efficiently. Here are the few steps to do it.

– Start by creating an account on reputed websites such as docs.zone.
– On the website go to “PDF to word” tab and click.
– Click on the “Select file” button and browse for the PDF you want to convert.  It provides the feature of adding multiple files. Select as many files as you want and click the start button.
– Your converted word will be saved in your inbox for 6 hours. Make sure you download or use them within six hours. Just delete the file if you no longer need them.

Just use the format that was meant to be used in the first place. In case you don’t have one, follow the steps to convert one format into other.

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