Top 3 key search marketing strategies to consider in 2016

search marketing strategies
Besides considering SEO for enhanced organized website traffic, one has to include pay per click (SEM) also for remarketing and attracting the specific geo-targeted traffic.

With the New Year 2016 already set in, it is considered to be the perfect time for everyone to have their search marketing strategies to be evaluated.

Besides considering SEO for enhanced organized website traffic, one has to include pay per click (SEM) also for remarketing and attracting the specific geo-targeted traffic. This way, the previous visitors can be easily drawn back to the site.

It is necessary for the person to have better understanding with regards to the benefits offered by remarketing, SEM and SEO.

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is considered to be utilized for describing the procedure to improve traffic volume to the site organically from search engines. SEO in the broader sense is stated to be m marketing, which is done by knowing the functioning of search algorithms, what consumers may look for, to assist in matching them with the site offerings. Qualified leads can be derived in plenty by following good SEO practices to the site and to have organic rankings to be improved on the popular search engines like Yahoo and Google, etc. Organic SEO results could be witnessed within 60 to 90 days.

2. SEM: It is also called PPC or pay per click. This strategy is regarded to be another method to have the website’s ranking in the search engines to be improved. As it is considered to be a paid campaign, when compared to organic and natural rankings, it is much more controlled and designed towards responding to the selected keywords as well as specific terms related to the industry. It is an immediate way towards driving more traffic to the site from search engines. When taking into consideration the SEM campaign, keywords are to be identified that can deliver excellent results for the website. Such keywords may be derived from site inventory and is to include the vehicles, services and manufacturers for driving highest quality, including relevant traffic to the website.

3. Paid Search results: These are termed to bring in quicker results than those organic ones. Results derived from paid search campaigns could be noticed in just 5 business days of starting the campaign. However, it does not mean that the whole campaign would be firing on all its cylinders in the very first week. Improved results can be noticed in increasing manner right after five business days. Paid search results might vary, which could depend upon competition, inventory, location, etc. It has been displayed by research that sites generally can expect an increase in traffic by about 46% with regards to page views, traffic and visitors along with organic optimization. With that of paid search campaigns, the general trend is an increase growth rate of 140%. Moreover, it does vary based upon the above mentioned factors.

With SEM bringing in new website traffic, customers can be brought back with remarketing. Hence, by using a strategy in search marketing like remarketing, SEM and SEO, a wider net can be casted for driving relevant traffic to the site.

Conclusion: It is essential for every website owner and business to consider new search strategies this New Year, so as implement it correctly and to be ahead of the others, to enjoy better results and sure success.

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