OutSystems Platform 9 Bali: The Next Level of Speed and Control

Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems.

OutSystems Platform 9 Bali presents new features that will, according to the company, enhance app adoption and user experience through actionable analytics and mobile performance enhancements.

OutSystems, the world’s leading enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) provider, announced, on 17 November 2015, a new release of OutSystems Platform, which brings new levels of speed, visibility, control, and performance to its growing base of global enterprise customers.

OutSystems Platform 9 Bali is the fastest and most comprehensive platform for creating, deploying, changing and managing custom mobile and web applications. The enhanced features in the Platform will help enable OutSystems customers to improve app adoption and overall user experience, enhance the Platform’s robust application lifecycle management capabilities, and continue to build on its enterprise-grade capabilities.

Says Craig Terblanche, Regional Director of OutSystems SA: “The key here is optimising the performance of enterprise apps and unlocking the ability to ensure hybrid apps perform, leveraging native functionality– but without the complexity.” He explains that for businesses this means there is one code base for both web and mobile that leverages offline capability with no risk of lock-in and without compromising performance. It’s about using the resources at hand (both skills and systems) across all channels to engage with customers fast, while still having the flexibility to respond to customers’ needs at a moment’s notice.

“In today’s fast moving digital economy, delivering unique and differentiating apps and then managing them through the complete application lifecycle is a monumental challenge, “ said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “Nowhere is this more true than in the enterprise, where large application portfolios abound.  OutSystems Platform 9 Bali solves this problem by giving organisations the ability to innovate and differentiate with digital systems that adapt as fast as their business demands. This new release represents our mission to provide the most meticulously crafted platform for today’s digital business,” Rosado added.

“The goal with the Bali release was to go beyond simply providing a solution that was faster and performed better,” said Pedro Pimenta, vice president of engineering at OutSystems. “We wanted to provide real actionable insights and analytics into how applications were performing to empower users to quickly adjust and meet user demands and expectations. We also took great care in adding functionality that makes our platform ideal for enterprise IT organisations.”

OutSystems Platform 9 Bali Features

Operational Analytics
New analytic capabilities enable deep insight into the function and performance of OutSystems applications, providing more ways to evaluate app performance and increase user adoption of OutSystems Platform.  OutSystems now provides: an actionable dashboard view, performance management insight, application behaviour troubleshooting, and views into client, network, server, API, and database performance.

Mobile Performance Improvements
Mobile developers are constantly looking for ways to shave seconds off of their application load times, as a poor first-time user experience can mean abandonment for their applications. OutSystems has added caching and protocol optimisation to accelerate mobile app performance.  Current customers have realised up to 50 percent performance enhancements in their mobile application performance from these enhancements.

Open Platform
OutSystems generates industry standard code, which is optimised and fully documented source code. This code does not require runtime interpreters or engines. The end result is compiled code that is based on industry standard technologies like .NET and Java that can be run, edited, and revised outside of OutSystems Platform.  With this approach, OutSystems ensures that users won’t be locked into any proprietary technology, thus protecting their investments.

Enterprise-Grade Architecture
OutSystems is designed for and used in large enterprise deployments for everything from mission-critical applications to point-of-sale to mobile engagement with customers. OutSystems Platform is secure, scalable, highly available and governed for enterprise policy conformance.

Cloud-Proven Deployments
OutSystems Platform has a proven track record of running in the cloud on AWS, Azure, as well as private cloud environments.  OutSystems was founded on a concept of cloud architecture and is proud to offer instant provisioning, elasticity and customer self-service. The full Platform with complete functionality can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution.

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