Video Interview: Matthew Blewett, Business Connexion, discusses IoT in Africa

Matthew Blewett started by consulting to Business Connexion on the formulation and initiation of the revitalisation programme, as a member of the Programme-1 team for a year prior to re-joining the group in September 2008.

He re-joined the company in an executive capacity with specific responsibility and accountability for the company’s revitalisation programme. Matthew is now the BCX Chief Investment Officer responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing as well as Special Projects.

Matthew was a founder of Seattle Solutions, a focused Microsoft Solution Provider, which merged with Business Connection to form Business Connexion. He held the portfolio of Chief Operations Officer where he led the integration process of Business Connexion and Comparex Africa in 2004 until the beginning of 2006.

In the video, Blewett gives an overview of the discussions held at the latest Innovation Dinner.

Darryl Linington