Tigo launches online remittance service in UK, EU and Canada

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Tigo launches online remittance service in UK, EU and Canada.

Millicom has revealed the launch of sendmoney.tigo.com. According to the company, its customers in UK, European Union and Canada can send money to Tigo Pesa wallets in Tanzania in real time using the online portal.

The company revealed in a media release that there are plans to extend the service to include Tigo Cash wallets in other African countries., however, the company did not specify which countries as of yet.

Announcing the launch in London, Greg Reeve, General Manager, Mobile Financial Services said that Tigo’s new service will make transactions convenient, fast and secure for the Tanzania diaspora living in UK, European Union and Canada.

According to the company the online portal provides the same security standards as banks, with payments being processed through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, and allows users to receive transfers safely and  quickly straight into their Tigo Pesa wallets. With one of the lowest transaction fees in the market, lower than any bank, sendmoney.tigo.com is one of the most safe and convenient ways to send remittances to Tanzania.

The World Bank has acknowledged Tanzania as a main recipient market for international remittances, with a total of USD64 million of transfers from Tanzanians living abroad in 2014 alone.

Greg Reeve said: “Historically customers had to travel long distances and carry large amounts of cash whenever they received money from abroad, an inconvenient and risky process. With the expansion of mobile remittances and  services like sendmoney.tigo.com, this is no longer the case. Our vision is to expand  services for our customers to fully benefit from their Tigo Pesa wallets.”

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