PlayStation Plus Free Game Lineup October 2015

PlayStation Plus October 2015
PlayStation Plus October 2015.
PlayStation Plus October 2015
PlayStation Plus October 2015.

The PlayStation Plus Free Game Lineup for September 2015 was fantastic. We received the likes of  Grow Home, which captured the heart of the PlayStation Plus community as well as Super Time Force Ultra, Twisted Metal 3, and Teslagrad.

With September featuring a fantastic lineup, it looks as though the PlayStation Plus Free Game Lineup for October 2015 is equally as good.

Here are your free games for October 2015:

Broken Age (PlayStation 4/PS Vita)
The first graphic adventure by Grim Fandango creator Tim Schafer in 16 years, featuring beautifully hand-painted 2D worlds and an all-star vocal cast, including Elijah Wood, and Jennifer Hale.

Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story that follows, Vella Tartine and Shay Volta – two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. You can freely switch between the characters and their individual stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.

Super Meat Boy (PlayStation 4/PS Vita)
Team Meat’s fiendishly brilliant twitch platformer puts you in the shoes of Meat Boy, a red, cube-shaped character, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the game’s antagonist Dr. Fetus.

Across more than 300 levels, you must attempt to reach the end of each level, while avoiding crumbling blocks, deadly saw blades, and various other fatal obstacles. The core gameplay requires fine control and split-second timing – prepare yourself for a true test of your gaming skills!

Unmechanical Extended (PlayStation 4/PlayStation 3)
Set in a fantastic world of flesh, rock and steel, Unmechanical follows a lone robot trapped in an underground complex. A handsome adventure game that combines tricky puzzle-solving, alluring exploration and engrossing atmosphere, it’s easy to pick up and play, but the challenges will truly test your logic, memory and wits.

Also joining PS Plus this month is light-hearted co-op platformer Chariot (PS3 only), wacky side-scroller Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita and PS3), and rhythm-based martial arts fighter Kickbeat (PS Vita and PS3).

Also available for free on PlayStation Plus:
– Kickbeat (PS Vita/PlayStation 3)
– Kung Fu Rabbit (PS Vita/PlayStation 3)
– Chariot (PlayStation 3)

Leaving PS Plus on 6th October
– Grow Home
– Super Time Force Ultra
– Twisted Metal
– Teslagrad
– Xeodrifter
– La Mulana EX
– Driveclub PS Plus Edition

Darryl Linington