Cybatar FillApp to eliminate the need to go to a filling station

October 6, 2015 • Top Stories


Cybatar FillApp to eliminate the need to go to a filling station

Cybatar has revealed that it has now released FillApp for Android and iPhone devices.

FillApp, which is essentially an online fuel delivery service for Africa, is expecting to change the South African fuel retail industry forever.

According to the company, the application connects users with on demand fillers who deliver fuel, at a fee, to the user’s location while using the app.

The Pretoria-based startup has been running a prelaunch customer development campaign through its website since August 2015, and has managed to acquire over 900 users who are ready to start using the services.

According to the company, FillApp offers a service that’s totally new to the oil and gas value chain. The value chain has been ending with retailers who served fuel directly to consumers. This is disrupted with the app which will provide consumers with the option of ordering fuel from their preferred filling station for delivery. The company’s target is primarily those who run out of fuel away from a filling station and those who would prefer not to go to a garage for fuel.

FillApp Features
– Fuel Cost Calculation
– Fuel Request
– Customer Feedback
– Fill up Tracking

Pricing and Availability
FillApp is available on the Google Play Store for free and will soon be available on the Apple App Store for free as well. FillApp is designed for all Android devices, iPhone and iPod touch. The app web version of the app is available for all internet accessing devices for free.

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