Video Interview: Zuby Onwuta discusses how Africans are using tech in healthcare

Zuby Onwuta
ThinkAndZoom creator, Zuby Onwuta.
ThinkAndZoom creator, Zuby Onwuta.

Zuby Onwuta, who originally hails from Onitsha, Anambra State in Nigeria, developed ThinkAndZoom in a bid to overcome his disability, as well as assist others with similar challenges.

Onwuta was declared legally blind in 1998, which led to a medical discharge from the U.S. military and ended his plans of pursuing a career in medicine. However, this did not deter him from becoming one of Africa’s latest innovators.

IT News Africa interviewed Zuby Onwuta, who will be speaking on “The future of Healthcare” at the upcoming Healthcare Innovation Summit in Johannesburg, to find out more about ThinkAndZoom as well as find out how Africans are using tech in the healthcare industry.

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Video Interview conducted by Darryl Linington