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Top 8 Apps to help navigate traffic in Lagos Nigeria

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8 Apps to help navigate traffic in Lagos Nigeria.
8 Apps to help navigate traffic in Lagos Nigeria. (Image Source:

While sitting in traffic in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria, may seem like a necessary evil… several app developers have found ways to make navigating the city’s roads less agonising.

Making your way through the streets of Lagos has never been easier thanks to these navigational apps, which provide detailed street maps, transit information, and provide interesting data on commuting.

If you are stuck in a gridlock or looking for easy ways to get past a roadblock, we’ve got you covered. has rounded up 8 apps that will help you get to your destination faster.

Gidi traffic
Gidi traffic is a community-based traffic and navigation app that lets you share real-time transit information in Lagos. It alerts you before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams and lets you scout the city for jobs, stores, people and places. You can also make inquiries about anything and get replies instantly, as well as share traffic reports with your friends on numerous social networks.

Available on Android and Windows Phone

JonnyWaka 316
JonnyWaka 316 is a mobile app designed to improve road user experience. JonnyWaka 316 gives users the opportunity to help the administrators upload traffic incidents like accidents, floods and armed robberies for everyone to see. The incidents are then marked on the road, route, and map showing the precise location. The app assists authorities like Nigeria’s Federal Road Safety Corp, FRSC and the Nigerian police to monitor and report traffic situations, track road crimes and armed robberies.

Available on Android

The Traffic Lite App
The Traffic Lite App is aimed at easing traffic on Lagos routes. The app is a community-based traffic application, which provides real-time traffic updates including accidents, speed traps and hazards on the road, to subscribers on the platform which is intended to help them save time, money as well as aid in improving daily commuting for all.

Its traffic report shows the actual cumulative speed on the route, actual number of road commuters present on the route, an estimated travel time, route distance and bottlenecks along the route. Users can also save custom routes and share with friends as well as send automatic traffic route reports or alerts.

Available on Android, Blackberry App world 

Tsaboin TrafficTalk app
Tsaboin Traffic Talk app provides a forum for commuters in Lagos to share real-time traffic experiences, road conditions and also other related issues like accidents and bad roads through text updates and photos. The app recently added live traffic cameras, however, these services are limited to Apapa, Ikeja, Ikorodu, Island, Surulere and Yaba areas of Lagos.

Available from

Traffikator delivers instant traffic information using a combination of crowd-sourced traffic updates and geolocation. The app allows for easier movement in Lagos via location data (GPS). Users can connect and chat with users on the Traffikator Network directly on their mobile phone. Additionally, users can also tweet to other users who utilise the app.

Available from

Traffic butter
TrafficButter eases the Lagos transit stress by providing real-time updates through a mobile app. The app captures traffic situations, and presents them to its user’s in a concise manner.

Available for download on Android

Road Peer
Road Peer is a location-based mobile app, which can be used to view and report traffic conditions on major roads in Lagos. The app gathers user-reports and uses an intelligent programming algorithm to analyse and publish traffic conditions to all its users in real-time. It also has a social-networking feature, where those in gridlocked situations can share information.

Available on Blackberry (BB OS 6 & 7 compatible)

Traffic Chief Nigeria
A mobile app that features traffic tweets shared by drivers all over the country, including Lagos, in real-time, Traffic Chief Nigeria is considered an online community-based traffic visualisation and notification app. The app gathers relevant traffic data and displays it in an interactive and easy to digest format.

Available from

Contributed by Nkem Ndem Vivienne, Travel/Technology Writer, Jovago
Edited by Darryl Linington

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