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Performanta: Why the POPI Regulator will be cuter than kittens

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Guy Golan Performanta
Guy Golan is the CEO of the Performanta Group. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington).

CUTE CATS WE LIKE ARE….. Some people like the energetic tireless Russian Blue or the fat lazy Persian, others think the aloof long haired cat is cute. I even know people who like the vicious Siamese that shreds your couch. But if you don’t choose your cat, then it gets chosen for you.

That is when you end up with the stray one-eyed, rip-eared, rude, fighting and wailing tomcat that only comes into the house to eat the dog food, mark its territory on your onions and tear up the carpet in front of your in-laws.

What kind of kitten is the regulator?
Choosing regulators is like choosing kittens, if you don’t actively make a choice your cute kitten may end up being a monster Tomcat. Nominations for the POPI Regulator has been announced. This regulator will be protecting individual’s privacy rights and ensuring businesses comply with the POPI act (Protection of Personal Information Act).

So if you are a member of the public you may want the regulator to be that vicious Siamese and fight to protect your rights. If you are business you may want the Information regulator to be an energetic tireless Russian Blue.

But if you do not participate and most importantly make sure the person with the right skills, temperament and experience is nominated and appointed, then you can’t complain when your privacy rights and personal information are not protected. You need a cat that has experience of being a cute kitten – then you will have a cute cat for life.

If you don’t participate you can’t complain when…

“…you come home and find the regulator feeding off your taxes, marking its territory on your privacy rights and shredding up your personal information.”

So the Information Regulator will be cutter than a kitten because I have faith that you will nominate the correct person. How to nominate the regulator is given below:

Nominate the persons you think will be a good regulator



– Nominate people to be appointed as members of the Information Regulator
– South African citizens who are appropriately qualified, fit and proper persons
– One person must have experience as a practising advocate or attorney or a professor of law at a university; and
– Four people must have other qualifications, expertise and experience relating to the objects of the Regulator.

– Nominations must be addressed to the Committee Secretary, Mr Vhonani Ramaano at Enquiries can be directed to Mr V Ramaano on tel: (021) 403-3820

– No later than Friday, 14 August 2015 at 17h00.

– Nominations must contain the full name, address/email address and contact details of the person or organisation making the nomination;
– A signed acceptance of the nomination by the nominee;
– a Curriculum Vitae (CV) providing the nominee’s:
– Full name, ID number and gender;
– Contact details including physical address, telephone / cell number and email address;
– Relevant previous experience (including relevant dates and organisations concerned); and academic qualifications.

– Five years.

– Non-South African citizen;
– a public servant;
– a member of Parliament, any provincial legislature or any municipal council;
– an office-bearer or employee of any political party;
– an un-rehabilitated insolvent;
– has been declared by a court to be mentally ill or unfit; or
– has at any time been convicted, whether in the Republic or elsewhere, of any offence involving dishonesty.

Performanta is a specialist information security organisation, securing enterprise clients from the latest modern security threats. Performanta has a global footprint across numerous countries including UK, USA, Africa, and Australia, focusing on solutions such as;

– Data leakage prevention
– Security information and event management (SIEM)
– Forensics & Threat Analysis Services
– Privilege Account Management
– Network Access Control
– Certificate and key management
– Deception & Vulnerability Management
– Database and application security
– Firewall management
– Network and endpoint security
– PCI and ISO 27001 consulting, audit & QSA
– ICT Law

Performanta has to-date successfully deployed information security solutions to a large number of local and international corporates including; major international financial and insurance institutions, retail conglomerates, mining corporations and media, telecommunications and mobile communication companies.

Performanta has a practical approach, competitively priced services, strong client commitment, and a spirit of excellence. The company is supported by a team of committed and highly experienced professionals who have experienced growth levels in excess of 300% to become the fastest growing information security focused organisation.

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