SAP Africa bolsters Leadership Team

A sea of data - but not a drop to drink
A sea of data - but not a drop to drink

CEO, Pfungwa Serima, has been promoted to the role Chairman of SAP Africa.

SAP Africa has announced that after seven years of successfully leading and growing the Africa business, current CEO, Pfungwa Serima, has been promoted to the role Chairman of SAP Africa.

As a result of this development, current SAP Southern Africa Managing Director, Brett Parker has been appointed as Managing Director for SAP Africa. Both appointments are with immediate effect.

Serima’s new role will see him take on increased responsibility for the strategic direction of SAP’s business in Africa. He will focus on a number of initiatives critical to SAP Africa’s success, including the direction of SAP head-office’s investment plan in Africa, the development of SAP’s focus industries across the continent and the ensuring of scalable and sustainable growth in emerging markets in Africa. Strengthening relationships with African governments and international financial institutions investing in Africa will also form part of Serima’s new portfolio. In this role, Serima remains close to the day-to-day business as Head of the SAP Africa Executive Committee. He will now also chair the SAP Africa Advisory Channel Council.

As the new Managing Director of SAP Africa, Parker takes on operational responsibility for the company in Africa, with particular emphasis placed on delivering innovation to SAP customers and partners. All regional Managing Directors of the SAP Africa team, as well as the other members of the Africa Leadership Team, will report to Parker.

“As we aim to make the world run better and improve people’s lives, nowhere does this mission hold more weight than right here in Africa. With more than 1,300 customers across the continent and a robust partner ecosystem, SAP is enabling African businesses and governments to grow, scale and globalise, while making the transition to the digital economy,” said Serima. “SAP Africa’s people and solutions are as strong as ever. With this expanded leadership partnership, SAP Africa is even better positioned for flawless execution. We will continue to win in Africa and we look forward to becoming an increasingly important contributor to SAP business from a global perspective.”

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