MTN Cameroon selects Userful Desktop for Digital Schools Project

MTN Cameroon
The Digital Schools Project will install 15 multimedia centers over the next year in the 10 regions of Cameroon.

The MTN Cameroon Foundation, in partnership with Cameroon’s Ministry of Secondary Education, recently chose Userful Desktop as the computing platform for its Digital Schools Project.

Cameroon’s Digital Schools Program was recently launched in the Government Bilingual High School, Tiko, South West, and the Government Bilingual School, Ebolowa. It aims to provide students with computer and Internet access through the installation of computer equipment and multimedia centers in secondary schools across Cameroon.

Mounouna Foutsou, Secretary of State for Secondary Education attended the inauguration ceremonies along with Jean-Melvin Akam, MTN Foundation executive secretary. Akam said that the features and benefits of Userful Desktop were undeniable: “Userful Desktop gives us the ability to offer Cameroon’s students, cloud-managed, locked-down and secure desktops. We enable students to access the internet and use office software, while administrators have centralized and secure control over the desktops.”

The Digital Schools Project will install 15 multimedia centers over the next year in the 10 regions of Cameroon. The center of Government Bilingual High School, Tiko, was the first to open its doors, and will benefit a community of 2,472 students and teachers.

Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, stated that: “We are proud to be providing a solution that’s at the heart of a digital inclusion that will benefit thousands of students across Cameroon”

“Proper access to technology gives an increasingly important advantage in virtually all aspects of life. It’s great to see Userful Desktop helping bring worry-free computer access to communities around the world,” said Griffin. “Userful Desktop’s unique approach and powerful built-in features mean schools and community centers don’t have to spend time or money on software or hardware, and online usage stats give administrators insights to how the desktops are being used. It’s so simple for anyone to setup and remotely manage desktops, and being used effectively to deliver better results for students.”

Wise Computers, Userful’s partner in Cameroon will be deploying the technology in all of the schools for the project.

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