Vodafone Ghana to invest USD 700 mln in network

Vodafone Ghana called to list on GSE
Vodafone Ghana called to list on GSE. (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)
Vodafone building (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)
Vodafone Ghana to invest USD 700 mln in network. (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)

As part of Vodafone Ghana’s overall push to increase its services and connectivity in the West African country, it has announced an investment of around USD 700 million to improve its network capacity and lines across Ghana.

Vodafone subsidiaries across Africa and the globe have been pushing forward on investment efforts to bolster their bandwidth and capacities as more and more users are becoming connected via mobile phones.

CEO Haris Broumidis said “customers appreciate a good network that provides the best service.”

The announcement comes after regulators in Ghana and across the continent have urged operators to push forward and enhance existing networks.

A report published last month on Digital Inclusion and Mobile Sector taxation in Ghana recommended that network infrastructure be the key component of investment by mobile phone operators in the country. The report urged companies to look at ways to increase the quality of service given to customers.

The report showed that improving the availability of information and “reducing transaction costs of mobile services increases productivity and enables businesses and markets to operate more efficiently.”

Vodafone Ghana believes that by improving the existing network, it will enable small businesses and regular customers to have improved service on the go and at the same time should increase revenue by cutting costs for Vodafone.

Joseph Mayton