Vodafone extending Farmer’s Club to new African markets

Vodafone Ghana called to list on GSE
Vodafone Ghana called to list on GSE. (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)
Vodafone building (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)
Vodafone building (image credit: newscrest.co.nz)

Global mobile operator Vodafone announced that it is launching its Farmers’ Club initiative in four additional countries – India, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. The move is expected to boost its position in local markets and help create new opportunities for citizens and residents.

The Vodafone Farmers’ Club offers a range of mobile services to help farmers boost productivity. It was first launched by Vodafone in Turkey in 2009, and around 1.2 million farmers have used the service since then.

“Specific Farmers’ Club services offered in each country will vary, but will include information services, virtual marketplaces in which farmers can sell their produce and mobile money financial services and products,” the company said.

Vodafone will also develop a variant of the Farmers’ Club concept for farmers in New Zealand, a country with an advanced agricultural industry. Vodafone Group Regional Chief Executive for the Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific region Serpil Timuray said: “the experience in Turkey has demonstrated how mobile services can transform farmers’ ability to increase crop yields, improve efficiency and grow incomes.”

The mobile operator also published its Connected Farming in India report to outline the potential benefits of mobile services for small-scale farmers.

Commissioned by Accenture with support from the Vodafone Foundation, the report finds that the introduction of six simple mobile services, designed to help small-scale farmers in emerging markets, could boost the incomes of 70 million Indian farmers by USD 9 billion in 2020.

Joseph Mayton