GTel facing backlash from Safaricom over alleged partnership

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Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. (Image Source:
Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. (Image Source:

According to a report by Business Daily, G-Telecoms (GTel), a Zimbabwean mobile handset manufacturer, revealed that it had allegedly inked an agreement with Kenyan operator – Safaricom.

GTel is now facing a backlash from the mobile giant. Safaricom has revealed that the statements regarding a deal with Gtel were indeed false, and that no such agreement had been reached.

GTel had said in the original report that it had reached a partnership deal with Safaricom, which would allow it to sell GTel branded devices to the operator’s subscribers.

GTel had also claimed that its entry into Kenya was backed by Safaricom’s distribution network, which would allow it to establish a local presence before setting up its own sales centers.

Safaricom has since denied all claims made by GTel, and stated that: “Safaricom does not have any relationship with GTel, and have asked GTel to retract their statement as it is misleading to subscribers. GTel has made contact with Safaricom; however, formal contract negotiations on its proposal are yet to start.”

Safaricom appears to be unwilling to succumb to any pressure placed on it by Gtel, regarding the deal.

Joseph Mayton