Citrix Synergy 2015: Citrix Workspace Cloud unveiled

Jessie Lipson VP and GM for Citrix Workspace Cloud. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)
Jessie Lipson VP and GM for Citrix Workspace Cloud. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)
Jessie Lipson VP and GM for Citrix Workspace Cloud. (Image Credit: Darryl Linington)

Citrix Synergy 2015 is still well underway at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando Florida. Along with the reveal of the Citrix vision for IT Transformation, the company has now unveiled Citrix Workspace Cloud. According to Citrix, Workspace Cloud is a new platform  which has been designed to simplify the on-demand delivery of a wide range of IT tools and services.

According to Citrix, Workspace Cloud is intended to provide businesses with a solution to address the increasing pressure that new devices, apps and work styles are putting on traditional infrastructure.

The company stated that: “People today want instant access to all the apps and data they use to get their jobs done, and they want to be able to get that access from any device and any location. This idea of a workspace is built on the premise that people have a place where Windows apps, web apps, mobile apps, desktops, documents and collaboration come together on whichever device or network is being used.”

At the reveal the company explained that Citrix Workspace Cloud creates a new control plane that merges the worlds of on-premises and cloud, allowing IT managers to create secure, mobile workspaces that include desktops, applications and data from whatever infrastructure source best meets their specific needs.

According to the company: “Citrix Workspace Cloud is the ultimate expression of choice and personalisation and is paving the way to a brighter future for IT, and for the people that consume it. As the world moves to this hybrid model, businesses have flexibility to securely deploy the apps and systems needed within the enterprise. By delivering all management via the cloud, Citrix is providing its customers and partners with the experience, flexibility and security needed to architect, design, deploy and publish easy-to-use mobile workspaces to anyone, anywhere – on any device.”

This cloud-based management platform provides customers the flexibility to choose which clouds or datacenter resources fit their needs best, then select the applications, data, files and features that work best for each specific organization and each person. Partners add value by architecting and designing customized, personalized workspaces uniquely suited to meet their customers’ business requirements, combining new Citrix technologies with existing Citrix workspace environments to simplify management and gain greater value from their Citrix investment.

At the reveal, Jessie Lipson VP and GM for Citrix Workspace Cloud gave a demo of the platform and revealed that potential customers can “Test drive the platform” here.

Darryl Linington