Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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New online job portal launches in Cameroon

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Co-founder and Managing Director for Africa, Eric Lauer.

According to online portal Everjobs, it has now launched Cameroon’s latest online job portal. During a press conference, Co-founder and Managing Director for Africa, Eric Lauer introduced the company officially to the public.

According to Lauer, Everjobs’s mission is to simplify the job search and hiring process by connecting job seekers with employers in a matter of clicks. The website is intended to offer helpful tools and features, such as a CV creation tool.

Lauer stated that: “We aim to facilitate the growing job market that results from a rapidly growing economy by getting involved with the local communities and understanding their needs. Everjobs wants to create equal opportunities for all Cameroonians and strives to tackle recruitment biases that hinder the scope of diversity within companies.”

According to the company, in Cameroon, the growing market of online job classifieds not only provides an efficient and effective channel for employers to find talented individuals, but it also provides job seekers with the opportunity to explore potential career paths. This will save both employers and job seekers a lot of time. Everjobs gives employers direct access to Cameroon’s best talent, including so-called ‘repats’ – Cameroonians who studied and worked abroad.

“Cameroon is currently experiencing high rates of youth unemployment despite having a highly qualified workforce, and we can see the detrimental effect this has on students we meet everyday. At Everjobs we believe each individual has a unique set of skills and all it takes is the right match for them to succeed. Our mission is to promote transparency in the labor market”, adds Eric Lauer.

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