PayGate set to improve uptake of e­-commerce in SA

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PayGate set to improve uptake of e­-commerce services in SA.

Payment services provider PayGate has revealed PayPartner. According to the company, PayPartner is a support and rewards programme for the growing community of web developers using its services. The reveal was made by PayGate’s general manager for business development, Brendon Williamson.

“We have over 2,000 developers registered on our site, and they’re a very important part of our business,” Williamson said. “Their clients turn to them for advice on how to implement e-­commerce and what payment services provider to choose. PayPartner is our way of investing in developers to empower them to give the best advice to their clients.”

“Developing successful e-­commerce sites takes specialist skills,” adds Williamson. “Those who sign up for our approved developer programme will get access to free technical support as well as our comprehensive documentation library.”

Approved developers will receive rewards for referrals, says Williamson. “It’s a way of thanking people for their support.”

Williamson says the rewards programme will run in addition to the free shopping cart plugins PayGate already offers, including WooCommerce and Shopify. “Developers will get their own back office area where they can track the performance of each client and get all the information they need to manage them effectively.”

The ultimate winner, says Williamson, will be South Africa’s e-­commerce industry as a whole. “We want to support the professionalisation of the development community, which in turn will yield better service to online merchants and better uptake of e-­commerce services.”

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