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Uganda: Liquid Telecom to invest UGX 2 billion into Infocom

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The East Africa Fibre Ring will ensure that Liquid Telecom customers will not be affected by fibre cuts.

Liquid Telecom is set to invest UGX 2 billion in its Ugandan subsidiary Infocom. The reason for the move is to extend its infrastructure across Kampala’s Central Business District and to multiple rural towns across Uganda, including Mukono, Jinja, Masaka, and Mbarara.

The company has stated that: “The demand for data services is growing in Uganda, and the continued expansion of Internet infrastructure in Uganda will impact positively the country’s economic situation.”

Liquid Telecom has increased the number of Points of Presence (PoPs) for its business-focused internet from 11 a year ago to now 30,and upgraded all its existing PoPs. It is the only ISP to have built a regional fibre ring “The East Africa Fibre Ring” – and back up international links that connect all of East Africa to each other.

Hans Haerdtle, Liquid Telecom’s Chief Technical Officer East Africa and CEO of Infocom, stated that: “Our aim in investing so heavily in this new Ugandan internet infrastructure is to achieve better service delivery and improve the country’s internet penetration, which stands at 133rd position globally, with 16.2 per cent of Ugandans currently accessing the internet.”

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