Jumia expects E-commerce boom in Egypt

Mattia Perroni CEO of Jumia.

E-commerce models nowadays often take on an American style; however, this is not the case for Egypt. As a start up investing in the Arab world, Jumia Egypt has adopted the values and qualities of e-commerce in the Middle East and Africa. By utilising different payment and delivery methods such as “pay on delivery” Jumia has become one of the biggest and most popular online shopping malls in Egypt.

In a recent study conducted by Jumia, in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group, Egypt was found to be one of the fastest growing countries in the digital space in the region. According to Mattia Perroni CEO of Jumia “Egypt’s e-intensity has been growing steadily over the past three years; “The incredible market potential and the technology infrastructure, combined with the human factor are the main drivers behind this growth. Looking at the rising significance of the Egyptian entrepreneurial and innovation space, it is clear that the human or people factor here is truly unique.”

Jumia Egypt knows that the success of any business depends on understanding the market and the powerful execution of innovative ideas. Mattia adds, “This is the secret of Jumia’s success; the right idea, the innovative execution and the people behind it. And this is exactly why a market like Egypt will be a big player in the technology and e-economy regionally. The e-intensity Index ranks countries through the measurement of ‘enablement’, ‘expenditure’ and ‘engagement’. Right now, Egypt may have a relatively small Internet economy compared to other countries worldwide, but it is certainly recording some of the fastest growth rates.”

Business models like Jumia Egypt prove that e-commerce is booming in the developing countries in the Middle East and Africa. In addition, Jumia demonstrates that by adopting local values new start ups can thrive even under the challenging circumstances of developing countries.

Staff Writer