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Emphasis to be put on ICT utility in Rwanda

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Rwanda’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Rosemary Mbabazi has urged citizens to embrace the use of Information and communications technology (ICT), pointing out that ICT is as vital as water and electricity.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT Mbabazi touring various in the ICT Literacy and Awareness Campaign (image: supplied)
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and ICT Mbabazi touring various in the ICT Literacy and Awareness Campaign (image: supplied)

She revealed this during the 10th Edition of the ICT Literacy and Awareness Campaign road show in Nyaruguru District, the Southern Province of Rwanda. Thousands of local residents participated in the two days drive campaign that took place on Thursday and Friday.

“Using ICT enables you to easily access a variety services without difficulty. It is in this regard that we all have to be passionate about technology in our daily activities,” says PS Mbabazi while addressing the press in Nyaruguru on the importance of ICT.

In her elaborations, she compared the daily use of water and electricity to that of ICT, because it is essential everywhere and in every practice today.

ICT campaigns are helping local residents to behold and understand the various services offered by companies and how they can be used.

James Nibeho, aged 35, resides in Kibeho Sector in Nyaruguru District says that nowadays he can access various services online which helps him to save time, money and energy while requesting services like filling a complain in court.

PS Mbabazi called upon all residents to embrace ICT for their own benefits and development. She commended private sectors for being good partners with the government to foster Rwanda’s technological levels.

She adds “When we foster ICT, we literally develop our economy and self-reliance.”

Speaking to the press, PS Mbabazi notes that this campaign assists local residents to learn what ICT can easily contribute to daily performance in various activities.

The National ICT literacy and awareness campaign in Rwanda aims at increasing public literacy and awareness on the opportunities and benefits offered by the use of online and mobile-enabled services and products among local communities.

It brings together Government institutions offering online services, all Telecom Operators, all Banks, TV suppliers, Phone suppliers, and other private sector institutions.

The campaigns also target to boost the usage of ICT content and applications to increase ICT Knowledge among Rwandans. This will aid people like business personals to learn the potentials of ICT in motivating competitiveness, efficiency, transparency as well as civic participation.

The government of Rwanda has significantly transformed the way business and society uses technology by heavily investing in information and communications technology, since the inception of the first national ICT strategy and plan in 2000.

The Ministry of Youth and ICT in collaboration with other Ministries as and different stakeholders in ICT promotion have adopted the five-year ICT literacy awareness campaign.

During this drive, local residents are learning the benefits of the Digital Migration where girls and young women are also encouraged to join the career to embrace the use of ICT.

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