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Convergence leads to increased demand for tablets

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The shifting dynamics of how people are opting to utilise their personal computers has resulted in a change in the type of device being chosen. Increasingly consumers are requiring mobile devices that can be utilised for both work and play.

Craige Fleischer, Samsung’s Director for Mobile Communications in South Africa (image: Charlie Fripp)
Craige Fleischer, Samsung’s Director for Mobile Communications in South Africa (image: Charlie Fripp)

The professional-consumer, or prosumer who also use their devices for business purposes, are opting for equipment which enable them to be productive, wherever they are while making the most of one device.

GfK’s findings on the IT market, published late last year, found that global consumer demand for computers rose 18% in the first six months of 2013. However, this was primarily due to a huge 126% increase in demand for tablets, while demand for desktop computers declined 21%.

Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa, says preference among consumers is certainly shifting towards tablets and other mobile devices.

“In line with this mobile-led shift, Samsung is introducing the Note Pro 12.2” to meet these dynamic consumer demands. Advancements in technology mean that tablets are now becoming devices that people can also use as a robust business tool rather than for media consumption only.”

Individuals who in the past retained both a personal PC and a tablet, will be satisfied with the performance they get from the Note Pro 12.2” as a primary computing device. It boasts the perfect combination of style, portability and performance making it a tool for both business and social use.

The large screen size of the Note Pro 12.2” offers the ability to multi-task, combining different applications at the same time on one screen. This feature enables the user to simultaneously view emails, create a presentation or browse the web, thus increasing efficiency.

“Traditionally tablets were seen as social devices that consumers predominantly used to view content. The technology has since evolved, with a clear focus on productivity, enabling users to both consume and create content, all on the same portable device,” says Fleischer.

Prosumers can also ensure they remain productive anywhere, at any time, by using software suites such as Hancom Office – which enable them to compose and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations easily and conveniently. Furthermore, they can read PDF material based on Android software, and have more compatibility with MS Office.

“It is this convergence of technology – with the benefits of mobile phones and notebooks being combined into a single device – that has seen a huge uptake in demand for tablets, as it combines portability and mobility, without sacrificing the ability to create content and be productive whilst on the move.”

Over and above an enhanced multi-tasking experience of the Note Pro 12.2”, the creative S Pen makes tasks such as filling out forms or signing documents easy. Scribbling notes and sketching shapes that can be edited is also made possible with S Note feature.

“Designed to extend productivity and produce more remarkable results beyond anything that has come before it, Samsung’s GALAXY NotePRO will set a new rule for the tablet category, providing consumers with the most progressive mobile experience across their work, home and play environments to-date,” concludes   Fleischer.

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