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Top 10 Valentine’s Day apps

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With the world getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday, IT News Africa is taking a look at 10 apps available in the Windows Store. Whether it is an app for romantic quotes or booking a quick getaway, these apps will make Valentine’s day special.

A screenshot of the Valentine’s Greetings app (image: Microsoft)
A screenshot of the Valentine’s Greetings app (image: Microsoft)

1. 1000 Love Quotes

For softly whispering sweet things in your partner’s ear, this app contains more than one thousand quotes on love by great men and women – from William Shakespeare to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hellen Keller to Emily Dickson, Abraham Lincoln to Mahatma Gandhi. These quotes also provide valuable insights on their thoughts on love. Quotes can also be shared through the Windows Charms, and is customizable by background color, text color and text size.

2. I Love You!

This app enables users to create custom Love Cards and share them with the ones they love. Choose a frame, insert an existing picture or take one with your camera and write a personalized message. During the creation process, users will be able to adjust the picture, zooming, panning and rotating features using a touch screen or mouse wheel, and cards may also be shared through the Windows Charms option.

3. Valentine’s Greetings

This app allows users to send beautiful Valentine greetings from any Windows device. With a great user interface, the creation process is clean and simple. Picking from high quality Valentine cards, users insert their name and personalized message, sign it and send off. It allows users to share their messages via email or other communications applications. For the lucky ones with more than one love interest, there is no limit on the number of greetings users can send.

4. 10 Love Poems

10 Love Poems is a collection of Jason Sturner’s most romantic poetry, praised by readers for its honesty, emotional depth, and strong use of imagery. In addition to being gathered in book form, these poems have appeared in anthologies, webzines, and a variety of periodicals.

5. Love Anthems

From the makers of the apps Rock Anthems and Party Anthems, comes a Valentine’s Day release – Love Anthems. “We’re in love with the idea of love! We love romantic comedies, romantic books and the fuzzy feeling of falling in love. You know what else we’re also pretty smitten with? A sweet love song,” the developers state. Love Anthems is the first Windows Store App that brings users some of the most iconic love songs of all time, such as Bon Jovi’s Always and The Police’s Every Breathe You Take. With Full Screen Viewing, Built-in Search and the ability to share songs with friends via email, the app is sure to get any user in the mood.

6. Love Calculator

From developer Ecsolvo Technologies, Love Calculator Plus is a simple yet exciting way to test a user’s suitability with someone special – even if it is only for entertainment purposes. Simply type in your name and partner’s name, and the app will calculate your compatibility. The app features a simple and clean interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

7. Be My Valentine

Available for Windows Phone, expressing your love has become easier with Be My Valentine. The app features over 150 cards to choose from, and users simply edit, add a personal touch and send off.

8. Romantic Ideas

For user who need a little inspiration on the international day of love, Romantic Ideas app is here to help. Collectively written by both men and women, it includes some of the most thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas for planning an incredibly romantic day. “If you truly want to show that special someone in your life that they mean the world to you, these simple ideas provide the perfect twist to spicing up your Valentine’s Day,” wrote developer KoolAppz.

9. All Recipes

Valentine’s Day often includes a home-cooked meal by an intrepid lover, but for those who want to do something special but aren’t Gordon Ramsey, there is All Recipes. This app is a fun and useful recipe app which delivers thousands of quick and easy recipes and tips. At no cost, it features thousands of top-rated recipes – each featuring photos and reviews from a community of home cooks. The app also offers time-saving recipe tips from

10. Veraison Vintages PRO

Any good meal should be accompanied by a great bottle of wine, and this handy app gives users a vintage score and ratings guide aggregated from reputable wine reviewers such as Robert Parker, Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiasts, Wine Spectator, and James Halliday. Developers Beyond 150 hand-picked photos related to each wine region specifically to ignite the senses. So when users see a white truffle on top of risotto rice, it’s a hint for them to explore a certain Risotto al Tartufo Bianco pairing.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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