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SEACOM set to invest further into Africa

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SEACOM is making extensive investments in terrestrial backhaul, additional subsea connectivity and its pan-African IP/MPLS network, in line with its commitment to provide its customers with resilient, high-quality services.  The network enhancements will enable further growth of the continent’s telecoms infrastructure.

Brian Herlihy, Seacom Executive Director. (Image source: Seacom)
Brian Herlihy, Seacom Executive Director. (Image source: Seacom)

SEACOM has upgraded its South African backhaul networks, linking its West and East coast cable assets through activation of multiple wavelengths between Johannesburg and Cape Town, coupled with upgrades of the network platforms that support its services to major cable interconnection hubs in Yzterfontein and Mtunzini.   In addition, SEACOM has acquired additional West coast subsea capacity to meet demand from both its transmission and IP/MPLS customers, creating highly-resilient service platforms in both Southern and Eastern Africa.

Strong adoption of SEACOM’s MPLS & IP Transit services has also prompted the company to upgrade its IP/MPLS network across Africa, Europe and Asia.  SEACOM is in the final stages of negotiating contracts with vendors for the rollout of an enhanced services platform that will keep SEACOM at the forefront of African data connectivity.

“These were the last missing pieces of the puzzle we needed to put in place to realize our vision of creating a ring of resilient connectivity around Africa. Our most recent investments will allow us to offer higher-quality services to our service provider and network operator customers, so that they in turn can provide higher quality and more reliable services to their customers,” says Brian Herlihy, SEACOM’s Founder and Executive Director.

SEACOM was recently awarded several awards at AfricaCom 2013 in Cape Town, recognising its commitment to providing innovative services that continue to further the development of telecommunications across the African continent, including an award for its Africa Ring service.

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