No Samsung manufacturing plant for Zimbabwe … for now

Smart Hospitality transforming South Africa's hospitality industry
Smart Hospitality transforming South Africa's hospitality industry. (Image source: File)

Whilst Korean electronics giant Samsung has a wide-reaching strategy for its African operations, the company confirmed over the weekend that there are no immediate plans to build a manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe.

Samsung Electronics won't be building a manufacturing plant just yet (Image source: File)
Samsung Electronics will not be building a manufacturing plant just yet (Image source: File)

In a statement, official distributor for Samsung products, Line Products & Services (LPS), explained that Samsung has a healthy supply chain in the country, and for that reason, it would not be feasible right now to create a manufacturing plant.

“Line Products & Services is the official distributor for Samsung products. There are a variety of products on the portfolio that include solar-powered internet schools, smart school solutions, solar-powered health centres, print solutions, security and monitoring control solutions and hospitality display solutions. With the variety of products and solutions that we have to offer, it is premature to establish a manufacturing plant in Zimbabwe,” they said.

However, in the event that Samsung does want to press ahead with a manufacturing plant, the company has already agreed on terms with LPS. According to a recent MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed by both parties, LPS has agreed to invest 40% for a manufacturing plant, while Samsung would invest the remaining 60% for the project which could cost as much as $3 million.

According to Zimbabwe’s The Herald, “LPS said Samsung would, however, set up a technical workshop in the future to enable service back-up and promote the creation of jobs and expertise for local technicians.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor