Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Zimbabwe’s Africom launching Guroo VOIP in SA

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Africom, a Zimbabwean converged telecoms operator, is launching Guroo VOIP application in South Africa. Guroo is an African originated cross platform Voice service that can run on most operating systems.

Africom is launching Guroo VOIP application in South Africa (image: Africom)
Africom is launching Guroo VOIP application in South Africa (Image source: Africom)

The application was launched in Zimbabwe in June and to date it has acquired 14000 subscribers from across the world with over 6000 from USA and the rest spread across other countries.

Guroo is a cross platform voice application that is internet powered and it allows subscribers to make calls anywhere in the world from as little as 6cents per minute.

It allows people to call at unbelievable rates and to receive calls from anywhere in the world thus the application is set to really change the game.

Unlinke any other application we have seen before, Guroo allows one to own an 08644 number and calls are not limited to other Guroo users, but to anyone on any network in the world.

The following operating systems are currently supported

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows pc
  • Mac OS

Further developments are also underway for Blackberry and Symbian. Being on guroo allows one to call anywhere in the world from as little as 6 cents per minute as it reduces traffic to a local call.

  • No Sim card is needed, simply download the app and all you need is internet connection.
  • One is independent of any network operator of your choice. You have the liberty to choose any network of your choice.
  • It reduces African traffic to a local call hence every call becomes a local call.
  • One can roam anywhere in the world without any roaming charges.
  • Accessed through smart phones, i-pads, laptops and other related devices.

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