Windows Phone users can charge Vodacom apps to monthly bill

November 7, 2013 • Mobile and Telecoms

Windows Phone users on mobile operator Vodacom will now be able to purchase apps on the Windows Phone store, and charge it directly to the monthly Vodacom bill.

Windows Phone apps can now be charged to a monthly Vodacom bill (image: WP Central)

Windows Phone apps can now be charged to a monthly Vodacom bill (Image source: WP Central)

“If you’re a Windows Phone Vodacom user, contract or prepaid, life has just became a whole lot easier for you. Since June, you’re able to buy apps and games from the Windows Phone store and charge them directly to your Vodacom bill,” Vodacom said in a statement.

Luca Decour, Windows Phone marketing lead at Microsoft South Africa, says the Windows Phone marketplace is growing at a fast pace, doubling its catalogue size in just 12 months and not many South Africans know they can now use operator billing to unlock the full magic of their devices.

“The charge to bill mechanism are a great alternate payment method to credit cards,” said Decour.

“They not only make sense for consumers who don’t have credit cards, but they also create huge financial opportunities for local developers. Mobile payments give developers access to end users who would otherwise not be able to pay for premium apps, features and in-app purchases, growing the potential user base tenfold.”

For contract subscribers, the costs will be automatically added to their monthly bill, while prepaid users will simply see the amount deducted from their airtime credit.

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