Liquid Telecom SA pours broadband into education

Liquid Telecom is the first operator to build a satellite hub at Teraco’s vendor-neutral earth station in South Africa. (Image source: File)

Liquid Telecom South Africa today announced that it has provided broadband to forty schools on behalf of the Foundation for Internet Development working for the Department of Education and the Coza Cares Foundation which enables sustainable ICT environments in under-resourced South African schools through collaboration and partnerships.


Liquid Telecom has provided broadband to 40 schools in South Africa's North West Province. (Image source: File)
Liquid Telecom has provided broadband to 40 schools in South Africa’s North West Province. (Image source: File)

The schools are all located in rural parts of the North West Province.  Liquid Telecom South Africa has allocated a dedicated channel on its satellite service for the schools.  This provides unlimited capacity as well as Deep Packet Inspection of traffic.  The content, destination and origin of data can now be monitored 24x7x365 with automatic blocking of inappropriate material.

Part of the installation was completed by the first participants in Liquid Telecom’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme which has been specifically designed to drive both education and entrepreneurship in South Africa. The programme provides practical work and business experience for recent graduates which will enable them to work within the telecoms industry in the future as both employee and employer.

Octavia Kumalo, Managing Director of the Foundation for Internet Development, says  “We are pleased that we were able to partner and assist Liquid Telecom in the realisation of its Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Through more partnerships of this nature, we will be able to ensure that one of the country’s most pressing priorities – small business development aimed at the youth – is addressed”.

Craig Young, Head of South African Broadband Services at Liquid Telecom, says “The broadband service we provide is second to none in South Africa and provides our customers with access to the entire Liquid Telecom network in Africa.  Education is vital to the economic future of our country and this project has enabled our trainees to gain valuable experience whilst bringing the next generation of South Africans online”.

Philemon Kotsokoan, IT Director for the Education Department of the North West Province of South Africa, said “Getting fast reliable broadband into schools and enabling students to access information and resources from across the North West is a core objective for us.
We are extremely happy with the service Liquid Telecom has provided”.

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