Telkom SA partners with Samsung on ADSL

Smart Hospitality transforming South Africa's hospitality industry
Smart Hospitality transforming South Africa's hospitality industry. (Image source: File)

Connectivity and convergence are increasingly becoming a core part of consumer’s day-to-day lives, with television just one such example where consumer need and demand is beginning to shape how these devices are used.

Samsung Electronics South Africa partnered with Telkom to deliver ADSL and installation of a Samsung Smart TV (image: file)
Samsung Electronics South Africa partnered with Telkom to deliver ADSL and installation of a Samsung Smart TV (Image source: File)

According to Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa, innovation in the way people can choose to view their favourite programmes is changing how manufacturers respond to this need. “In the past, consumers were often dictated to in terms of when and what they watched . However, the launch of new services such as video on demand has changed this notion forever.”

He says the convergence of the internet, TV and video into one service has now put the viewing choice firmly in the hands of the consumer.

“For some people there is comfort in visiting a video store and selecting what they want to see; but with people’s schedules becoming increasingly busy, there is now a growing appetite for new technology that can reduce the time spent on chores and enable them to do what they want, when they want.”

He says video-on-demand services enable consumers to rent or purchase the latest Hollywood blockbuster, at the click of a button. “Consumers can decide how long they wish to keep the content for, either from two days to a month, meaning they are not forced to view the content on the same day.”

Due to this convenience, video-on-demand is not only becoming increasingly popular but is now being considered as the future of television viewing.

“With rental prices starting from as little as R10 and purchase prices from R29, video on demand is becoming both a practical and economical option for many people – and the digital element means space is not taken up around the home with DVD boxes.”

He says that as bandwidth continues to improve in South Africa – and consumers gain access to higher speed internet at home – customers are able to download content quickly and effortlessly.

Samsung has launched Video Hub, a video-on-demand platform, across its mobile devices as well as its range of Smart TVs, to ensure that its consumers can always view their favourite content wherever they are. “As technology continues to evolve, these developments ensure that consumers have a choice in designing their own lives and their experience when relaxing at home is as meaningful and purposeful as possible,” says Berger.

As a result, Samsung has also partnered with Telkom to combine landline rental, ADSL installation for new customers and a WiFi modem, as well as delivery and installation of a Samsung Smart TV, in a full holistic solution that enables them to enjoy video-on-demand immediately.

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