Nokia calls for International Mobile Photography Day

Nokia's Lumia 1020 (image: Charlie Fripp)

Camera phones have changed photography forever – and right along with it – our lives.  In 2014, it is estimated that smartphone photographers will take nearly one trillion photos – that’s hundreds of thousands a minute (three thousand by the time you read this sentence), capturing in an instant the poignant, funny, dramatic, hilarious, strange and memorable moments that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Nokia's Lumia 1020 (image: Charlie Fripp)
Nokia’s Lumia 1020 (Image source: Charlie Fripp)

In recognition of the evolving digital photography revolution, Nokia calls on photographers everywhere to grab their smartphones and celebrate on October 20 to mark the first International Mobile Photography Day, a day dedicated to capturing all those once-in-a-lifetime, unexpected moments.

No longer are memories restricted to the posed family shot in front of a timeless floral backdrop wearing the same seasonal jersey. Now we are snapping everything from our morning coffee and scrumptious lunch and the funny bumper sticker on the car in front of us, to the clouds and once in a lifetime moments. Everything is being captured and shared.

We would like people everywhere to take their mobile phone and celebrate October 20 as the first International Mobile Photography Day, by sharing their favourite shots and tweeting them using #1020MobilePhotoDay.

If you would like to join in the celebration and contribute your own “Life Unexpected” photo, share a memorable photo taken with a Nokia Lumia  – or any smartphone – this Sunday (October 20), and then simply tweet or post your photo using #1020MobilePhotoDay. Your tagged image will then be considered for inclusion in the “Life Unexpected” video, along with some of the most renowned photographers in the world.

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