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Kenya: mall attack suspect still tweeting

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The role of social media and mobile devices has come under the spotlight post Kenya's Westgate Mall attack. (Image source: Google/
The role of social media and mobile devices has come under the spotlight post Kenya’s Westgate Mall attack. (Image source: Google/

UK law enforcement officials claim September Westgate Mall attack suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, dubbed the ‘White Widow’, has reportedly posted tweets on the Pumwani-based Muslim Youth Centre’s account over the past two weeks writes the Star. The Centre  is reported to be a Kenya-affiliated offshoot of Somalia militant group al-Shabaab.

The publication quotes British Intelligence as saying that Lewthwaite apparently stopped posting tweets after the attack, but her posts have resurfaced on the social messaging network.

She is alleged to have posted two recent messages:

“’In Islam there’s no choice. It’s not like, “Do I watch EastEnders or Corrie tonight?” No shortcuts in Islam!’ and “Muslims in Somalia don’t want to sit at home on a Saturday evening glued to Strictly Come Dancing with its C- list “stars”:))).”

New information reported by international media refers to the possibility that the British terror suspect may have been influenced by al-Qaida. Lewthwaite remains on the run from Kenyan authorities.

The relevance of social media and use of mobile devices has been a topic of much discussion. Global media reports have brought into question whether or not unregistered SIM cards were being used by perpetrators of the Westgate Mall attack.

In early October Director General of Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), Francis Wangusi said “We are putting sustained pressure on the four mobile companies to switch off unregistered Sims and if they don’t, we will go to the last resort of suspending their licenses.”

Wangusi could not confirm if the mall attackers did in fact make use of unregistered SIM cards. “We were not officially alerted that the mall attackers used unregistered Sims. We also heard that from the media,” he said.

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