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Internet of Things not the last step – Intel

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The Internet of Things, the concept that all electronic devices will one day be connected to each other to communicate, will not be the last step to connecting people. This is according to Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, who expressed his view during the Company’s annual Intel Capital CEO Summit in San Diego.

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel (image: Charlie Fripp)
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel (Image source: Charlie Fripp)

“People are now using phones as a connection – an access point to data. The Internet of Things is not even the last step in people being connected more, and you can keep on going. You can predict what will be the next step in the evolution,” he said.

Even though the concept has become more popular, Krzanich added that there are a number of issues that need to be sorted out first before it can truly evolve.

“Underneath this, there are more trends that are occurring. Yes, computing is becoming more mobile, so we need to provide better battery and smarter devices. Another trend, you can no longer be attached by a wire or intranet – you need the cloud, and you need to be connected anywhere.”

Krzanich explained that the key to innovation will be the integration of technology. “Integration is the key to innovation – GPU and GPS chips are becoming more important in some devices. Things like imaging are growing at a phenomenal rate.”

In terms of Intel’s future, the CEO stated that the Company is uniquely positioned to bring new technology to the market.

“Intel is now starting second generation of 3D transistors.  We are uniquely positioned, but that isn’t enough – we need a strategy. Intel wants to deliver winning solution for every segment, which includes data centres, 2-in-1’s, and ultra-mobility units.”

Krzanich added that 2-in-1 units such as tablet-and-keyboard combinations has become very important for Intel. “We believe it can give you the best of both worlds – a tablet and a keyboard in one form-factor. In the next year or two, you will see a lot more from those segments as we aim to drive forward with technology.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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