Sony announces new PlayStation Vita

Sony's new version of the Vita (image: Sony)

Electronics manufacturer and video games console maker Sony on Monday morning announced a new version of their handheld gaming system, the PlayStation Vita.

Sony's new version of the Vita (image: Sony)
Sony’s new version of the Vita (image: Sony)

During the unveiling, the company announced that the new Wi-Fi only model will be made available first in Japan on 10 October this year, and will also be 15% lighter(219g) , 20% thinner than the current version and will feature an upgraded battery pack that will allow of an extra one hour of battery life – with a total of six hours play-time.

The device will also feature a MicroUSB charger and will have 1GB onboard memory, and will be made available in yellow, pink, white, and grey, lime green and light blue. Moving with the technology times, Sony opted to change the Vita’s screen from LCD to a much more efficient OLED.

The new Vita will be made available in multiple new colours (image: Sony)
The new Vita will be made available in multiple new colours (image: Sony)

In term of storage, Sony revealed that users will now be able to buy a new storage size, a 64GB unit, which should retains for around $105.

Sony announced a number of weeks ago that the Vita would receive a price drop on the current version, and should retain for around $199, while the 4GB memory cards are falling from $19.99 to $14.99; the 8GB from $29.99 to $19.99; the 16GB from $59.99 to $39.99; and the 32GB from $99.99 to $79.99.

In addition to the price drops on the current model, Sony alos revealed during the press conference in Japan that current PS Vita model will be shipped with a new Play! Game Pack, which comes pre-installed with games and a memory card, as well as 90 days of PS Plus for free.

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Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor