Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Samsung launches stores in Nigeria

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The rise in telecommunications in West Africa over the past decade has spurred a massive movement into the commercial aspects of delivering products to consumers. In Nigeria, Samsung is taking the initiative and launching a number of new stores to better compete in local economies.

Samsung opened new stores in Nigeria (image: file)
Samsung has opened new stores in Nigeria (Image source: File)

The Company announced the launch of two more direct-to-market stores in Lagos and another in Ibadan, the first for the city.

Samsung said the move was a “demonstration of its commitment to ensuring that leading-edge, global mobile and personal computing devices remained accessible to Nigerians.”

These retail outlets, or Samsung Experience Stores, provide consumers with a way to experience and interact with Samsung smartphones, tablets, IT solutions, digital imaging devices, laptops and accessories.

“This brings the total number of Samsung retail outlets in the country to 13, with six in Lagos alone. Prominent gadgets on display at the stores include the recently launched Galaxy S4 smartphone, Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab 3, all of which come with a 24-month warranty,” the company added in an announcement of product availability to customers.

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