iLabAfrica launches training academy in Kenya

iLabAfrica Director Joseph Sevilla (image: IBM)

In an effort to boost education and digital security training in Africa, iLabAfrica has announced the unveiling of a new training academy for digital security in Kenya. The academy should be a boost for the telecommunications industry, which has experienced its fair share of cyber attacks and poor infrastructure over the years.

iLabAfrica Director Joseph Sevilla (image: IBM)
iLabAfrica Director Joseph Sevilla (Image source: IBM)

Kenya’s Strathmore University has collaborated with Egyptian information security leader SoftLock to launch the digital security academy at iLabAfrica, a local incubation and research center.

iLabAfrica Director Joseph Sevilla said in a press statement that the new academy “will support capacity development for critical data and information protection”.

“The academy’s curriculum targets high-level officers in enterprises, including chief information officers, information security managers, system administrators and IT experts,” he added.

The academy comes in the wake of efforts by the Kenyan government and telecommunications companies to push for greater education of youth in IT – and the focus on digital security is being seen as a means of helping to ensure the IT sector runs as smoothly as possible with homegrown workers and experts.

Mohammed Awad