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Rwandan authorities plan year-end analogue switch-off

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The New Times reports that according to Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (Rura), authorities plan to switch off analogue transmission by year-end.

'The Rwandan government has reportedly announced plans to completely switch off analogue broadcasting by December 2013. (Image source: satellite via Shutterstock.com)

Jean Baptiste Mutabazi, Head of Communication and Media Regulation at Rura, is quoted as saying,  “Our plan is to switch off the last analogue transmitter by the end of this year. The challenge we have is getting enough decoders in time for the Rwandan market.”

Rura has also cited the scarcity of Set Top Boxes (STBs), which enable viewers to access digital TV images, has impacted on the migration from analogue signals writes The New Times.

“When the digital migration was launched in March 2013, we were expecting to get STBs by May 2013 and start switching off analogue transmitters by July 2013 starting with the one of Kigali (Jari and Rebero) and progressively switch off other transmitters in other areas; however the supply of STBs in the country is not as fast as previously expected,” Mutabazi is reported to have said.

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