Kenya: ICT expected to fuel GDP growth says govt

CIO Africa writes that according to Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto, the country’s government expects ICT to contribute a two to three percent increase in total contribution to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Kenya's government expects ICT to be a significant contributor to the country's GDP. (Image source: Nairobi via

Ruto is said to have made the statement at the opening of the 20th East African Communications Organisations Congress on Friday 28 June.

He is quoted as saying, “Our belief in ICT is of the magnitude that has never been seen anywhere in the world, an idea whose time has come, and when it has come, not even a mighty army can stand on its way.”

According to the CIO Africa report the government is spending KSh. 53 billion (approximately $617 million) in providing laptops to class 1 students, a move that has been met with strong opposition by some Kenyans.

The Deputy President is reported to have urged East African regulators to strengthen the Universal Service Fund and also made a call on the ICT sector to focus on policies, electronic waste management and digital migration.

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