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Telkom SA pleased with network transformation progress

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Telkom South Africa has reached a significant milestone in the deployment of its network transformation programme with the cutover of 240 Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) units.

Management at Telkom SA is happy with the progress of the company's network transformation programme. (Image source: File)

In 2012, the Company conducted a pilot to test its new fixed broadband access network technology in 53 identified areas.

The MSAN was chosen as the technology to cater for fibre to the home or business and VDSL over reduced last mile copper.

The pilot was successfully concluded at the end of February 2013 with the commercial launch of Telkom’s new 20Mb/s and 40Mb/s broadband services taking place on 4 March 2013.

The company has also taken fibre directly into 3150 office blocks and business parks, thus embarking the process of decommissioning large copper cables that previously served these buildings. This has improved service to these office parks and buildings and reduced our exposure to, amongst others, rampant cable theft. This major drive to get fibre to these buildings will continue.

Since the commercial launch of the new broadband products, Telkom has expanded the 53 pilot sites and, as at 14 June 2013, has cut-over 240 MSANs. In “new generation broadband port terms” Telkom has now deployed 124,640 active ports on its next generation network.

To fully test the newly deployed MSAN technology, Telkom also embarked on the Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Business (FTTH/B) Technical Proof of Concept Project. Five sites were identified and, at March 2013, the Company delivered the first 100Mb/s service to a business customer and residential customer.

Managing Director: Wholesale and Networks, Bashier Sallie says that apart from scoring a double century on number of MSAN’s deployed, another 53 are ready to be rolled out in the near future together with a further four exchanges representing some 175 MSANs.

“We are highly satisfied with the rapidly increasing pace at which the new generation broadband network is being deployed,” says Sallie.

Customers benefit by enjoying more reliable broadband at higher speeds and improved service delivery due to more sophisticated network management tools.

“The rapid rollout of the MSAN technology is propelling our broadband strategy forward. More and more South Africans will now be able to access super-fast broadband speeds,” concludes Sallie.

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