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Rwanda: government looks to cement Smart Days initiative

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The New Times reports that the Rwandan government has initiated an information service delivery chain, based on the application of ICT towards socio-economic development, which is expected to be realised by means of private-public partnership.

The Rwandan government has initiated Smart Rwanda Days to apply ICT towards socio-economic development. (Image source: Picture of Rwanda via Shutterstock)

The plan is known as ‘Smart Rwanda Days’ and authorities hosted an event, in conjunction with the World Bank, to facilitate communication and understanding of the initiative between stakeholders.

According to New Times the government recently brought together global ICT and economy experts, and technology enthusiasts in a bid to identify potential ‘smart’ solutions to help deliver the plan.

Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Minister of Youth and ICT, is quoted as saying, “Key to the success of Smart Rwanda is sustainability of all our interventions. Our strategy will be to rely on the much needed private sector resources and capabilities. Smart Rwanda aims at looking at all innovative ways ICT can drive to achieve socio-economic transformation agenda of our country.”

Key objectives linked to the initiative include job creation, improved service delivery and rural development.

* Image via Shutterstock

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