Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Windows 8 update to be previewed at Build

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Microsoft recently announced that their Windows 8 operating system has enjoyed its 100 millionth Windows 8 license activation since the OS launched in October and has now unveiled that the next update for OS will be previewed at the company’s annual Build conference in June.

Windows 8.1 "Blue" is expected to be launched for consumers by the end of the year (image: Engadget)

Windows 8.1 “Blue” is expected to be launched for consumers by the end of the year, but before that, developers will be able to get a first look at all the changes and improvements.

“As part of the continuing journey for Windows 8, we have an update planned due out later this year codenamed “Windows Blue.” Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President for Windows unveiled that at BUILD at the end of June, we’ll be releasing a public preview of Windows Blue for folks to check out. Look for more from us on Windows Blue leading up to Build in June!,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

According to Engadget, the update is “bringing cosmetic updates and other features, such as a new side-by-side app view and Internet Explorer 11.”

From an African perspective, it is still unclear when the update will be made available across the continent, but it is expected to release on the same day as the US (or in close proximity thereof).

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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