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The Top Ten of Twitter

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Social networking sites have exploded over the last couple of years, with more and more users signing up to join their friends to stay in contact, share thoughts and make a couple of new contacts in the process.

Twitter has managed to attract over 200-million users across the globe (image: Shutterstock)

But who are the kings of micro-blogging site Twitter? Twitter is relatively new in the social network space when compared to the likes of Facebook and MySpace, but the site has managed to attract over 200-million users across the globe.

The champions of the micro-blogging site can be divided into three distinct groups – those with the most followers, those who follow the most people, and the users with the most tweets. While it only has a fifth of the users that FaceBook has, the results are shocking.

Users with the most followers

Unsuprisingly, two musicians having be battling for the top spot for a while. The number one user with the most followers is Canadian-based pop singer Justin Bieber. With over 37-million followers, he edges out Lady Gaga by almost 2-million, who has nearly 36-million followers.

In third position is Katy Perry, who is sitting comfortable at 34.5-million followers, while United States president Barack Obama comes in fourth with 29.3-million followers.

1. Justin Bieber – 37,084,189 followers

2. Lady Gaga – 35,816,302

3. Katy Perry – 34,531,269

4. Barack Obama – 29,341,225

5. Rihanna – 29,076,171

6. YouTube – 25,845,646

7. Taylor Swift – 25,789,869

8. Britney Spears – 25,369,093

9. Shakira – 20,271,939

10. Justin Timberlake – 18,424,510

Users who follow the most other users

At the other end of the Twitter spectrum are the users who follow the most amount of other people on the website. While it is practically impossible to follow more than about 200 users and still see the posts, there are users who literally follow millions of users.

The Twitter users who has the most clogged timeline is Phillly Chase, as he follows over 1.2-million other users. Social media management tool Hootsuite comes in at second place, following over 1.17-million other users, while third place belongs to producer/writer David King from Australia, who follows 1.16-million users.

1. PHILLY CHASE – following 1,289,533 users

2. HootSuite – 1,177,472

3. |Contagious| – 1,163,013

4. أكثر التغريدات تأثير (ArabicBest) – 1,148,091

5. Fuze The Mc – 1,022,918

6. Yoko Ono – 964,331

7. Web Marketing Jim – 952,096

8. Lonely Planet – 746,394

9. Threadless – 692,607

10. – 665,197

Users with the most tweets

Twitter would not be as successful if users did not say anything on a regular basis. While most people only tweet a couple of thoughts a day, there are users who almost live on the micro-blogging site. Take user @_Necro_ as an example: he is the user on Twitter with the single most tweets on the site, coming in first place with a firm 6.9-million tweets, while having only 19,640 followers.

Taking up second place is Favstar Bot with 2.6-million tweets and 27,899 followers, while third place goes to the associated 50’s account with 2.1-million tweets. While most of the users in the Top Ten are private individuals or obscure companies, the fifth place with 1.3-million tweets belong to Xbox Support. The account has also been accredited as having the Guinness World Record for being Most Responsive Brand on Twitter.

1. ねくろ (@_Necro_) – 6,925,904 tweets

2. Favstar Bot – 2,623,297

3. 50’s – 2,147,678

4. みがた@マクロ垢貰いました (@migata_macro) – 1,382,294

5. Xbox Support (1-5) – 1,319,673

6. スライム (@dq_jumon) – 1,275,046

7. CapsCop – 1,126,466

8. Robot J. McCarthy – 1,025,992

9. Web_Design_Jobs – 1,016,949

10. ピングー (@Pingu_bot) – 970,397

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor (with only 248 followers, 1 215 tweets and following 97 users)

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