South African app could be best in the world

South African mobile shopping app, PriceCheck, has been selected from all BlackBerry apps worldwide as one of three finalists for the coveted International BlackBerry app of the year.

PriceCheck could be voted the best app in the world (image: Google)

Locally conceptualized, developed and released, the app offers shoppers access to prices and reviews of millions of products; choice out of thousands of categories and direct access to hundreds of on- and offline stores.

A barcode scanner, part of the app, makes comparing and finding best prices in store a breeze. PriceCheck now process a barcode scan off their app every 10-20 seconds.

‘’Being selected out of more than 100 000 BlackBerry 10 apps worldwide is quite a milestone’’, says PriceCheck GM, Andre de Wet, ‘’and as South Africans we can be pretty chuffed about it. It shows what is being done locally on mobile is world-class and what PriceCheck is doing for mobile shopping is the right way to go.’’

BlackBerry users around the world have selected PriceCheck’s BlackBerry app as one of the apps that demonstrate the most innovative use of the BlackBerry technology in this year’s BlackBerry Achievement Awards.

While the price comparison service has invested a lot of effort and time into developing apps on all platforms including BlackBerry, Nokia, iOS and Android, being shortlisted as one of the three finalists for the BlackBerry App of the year is no small feat.

The PriceCheck BlackBerry 10 app was short listed alongside the Hoyts Cinema app and the Cooklet app for the BlackBerry app of the year award.

The deadline for voting is Monday, April 15 at 5:00 PM ET (10:00 PM GMT +1). This year’s winners will be announced at BlackBerry Live between May 14-16.

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