South Africa: MWEB Business in cloud partnership with Mimecast

Mimecast, an established supplier of cloud-based email archiving, security and continuity for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365,  and MWEB Business have announced a partnership that will see the internet service provider utilise Mimecast’s email archiving technology to power its Hosted Exchange service.

Bernadine Joaquim, regional channel manager at Mimecast South Africa. (Image source: Mimecast SA)

Mimecast’s email archive will form a key part of MWEB Business’s updated email portfolio, offering customers user-friendly mailbox management and bottomless email storage through Mimecast’s cloud platform.

The service reduces the cost and complexity of secure email archiving; provides the user with instant access to every email they have ever sent or received; and enables central control of email retention policies. It also provides near real-time search and archive access through mobile devices.

Bernadine Joaquim, regional channel manager at Mimecast South Africa, comments: “As one of the country’s larger hosting providers in South Africa, MWEB Business is an innovative and well respected player in the market. This partnership will support MWEB’s goal to deliver the best services possible to meet their customers’ needs.”

Kris Desmet, Head of Product at MWEB Business, comments: “With users increasingly relying on email as a file storage service as well as a communication tool, the demand for bottomless inbox storage and intuitive, easy-to-search archiving is greater than ever. We look forward to providing our customers with an enterprise-level technology, allowing easy access through mobile devices, bottomless archiving and email search capabilities. These features are important to our users and are therefore important to us.”

“We’re delighted to be working with MWEB Business, providing a cost effective, holistic,  long-term archiving service that not only reduces the management traditionally associated with such but actually eliminates the challenges of scale in this area,” adds Joaquim.

Adds Desmet: “Our businesses are a great fit. In addition, we have access to Mimecast’s expertise which will help us bolster customer enablement and support moving forward.”

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