South Africa: MTN responds to concerns around BlackBerry


South African mobile service provider MTN has responded to concerns over its BlackBerry service offerings. The company revealed that they detected a technical error which caused tiered BlackBerry Internet Service customers to use data at a much faster rate than what was initially intended.

South African mobile service provider MTN has responded to concerns over the operator's BlackBerry service offerings (image: BlackBerry)

“During the month of March, MTN detected a technical error that occurred on its system. The error resulted in MTN’s BlackBerry (tiered service) customers depleting their data at a faster rate than usual,” the company said in a statement to the media.


Karel Pienaar, Chief Executive Officer at MTN SA, said that the issue is currently under investigation, but BlackBerry customers will be compensated for their loss. “Our technical team has been investigating the root cause of this error, to resolve the issue. In keeping with our promise, the affected customers are being provided with an additional 200MB bundle. We apologise to our loyal customers for the interrupted experience. This is certainly not consistent with our standards,” he said.

MTN also announced that they have added an interim solution to prevent the rapid depletion of customers’ BlackBerry bundles. “We are currently monitoring this solution, and will continue to do so until our range of BlackBerry services operate as intended. We wish to assure our customers that we are working tirelessly to find a speedy resolution to this issue,” Pienaar concluded.

Although the problems persist, MTN said that they will continue to provide Blackberry Internet Services (tiered service) to customers.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor