SAS appoints Kroshlen Moodley as head of Public Sector

Kroshlen Moodley, newly appointed Head of Public Sector at SAS. (Image source: SAS)

SAS has announced the appointment of Kroshlen Moodley as the company’s head of Public Sector, responsible for driving the company’s government and utilities business strategy within these sectors.


Kroshlen Moodley, newly appointed Head of Public Sector at SAS. (Image source: SAS)

Moodley has extensive experience within the public sector which spans national government, telecommunications and utilities.  Combined with his intimate understanding of the SAS business and its entire ecosystem, he is ideally positioned to further enhance the company’s reputation as the world’s foremost authority within the local public sector analytics market.

His key focus area will be to rebuild the public sector business for SAS by growing sustainable revenue streams, retaining key accounts and positioning the company as a dominant analytics business partner of public sector clients within the SADC region.

“Through a citizen and social centric approach, public sector can make the country a better place to live in for all citizens – and through the use of predictive analytics algorithms and advanced data analysis techniques, governments have the ability to make informed decisions that will make a tangible impact on the lives of taxpayers and ordinary citizens – thereby enhancing the overall citizen experience and enabling “smart government”, states Moodley.

“A sound data management and data quality strategy for example that improves the integrity of “big data” within legacy government systems, can enable the public sector to deliver more efficient and effective services to citizens, while the use of analytics to support evidence-based decision making, significantly improves performance monitoring and evaluation – which in turn supports radical public sector transformation and service delivery excellence.”

“Another area where analytics is delivering value is through the use of social analytics, where the pro-active monitoring and analysis of social media channels combined with traditional data sources, predicts citizen sentiment, thereby informing governments  on how to plan effective communications and campaign strategies – this was evidenced by Barack Obama’s two successful presidential campaigns… and in the latest Boston bombings saga where a combination of social analytics and traditional crime intelligence techniques were used by the authorities to remand the perpetrators .”

“The increased rate of adoption of mobile platforms and devices by the general public and government, especially in the regional market, is driving the need for mobile visual analytics solutions and apps by a new genre of citizens and policy makers who require information much faster than the previous ones.”

Says SAS South Africa managing director Desan Naidoo: “Kroshlen’s passion for people and his ability to relate to their challenges has helped him to support and assist business and government to achieve success. I believe that he is a fantastic asset to SAS and will inspire his team to great heights.”

Moodley was appointed at SAS in June 2008 as Strategic Account Manager for Eskom, and moved to the position of Senior Public Sector Industry Lead in 2009, where he was instrumental in driving the SAS Performance Monitoring and Evaluation business.  In October 2011 Moodley was promoted to the position of Regional Head for the SAS Global Utilities business unit.  Before joining SAS, Moodley held a senior management position at SITA, and positions at Telkom and EDS.

Supporting Moodley’s work experience are two university degrees which include a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) degree from UNISA. He also holds a Certificate in Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation from Stellenbosch University and has completed certifications in TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL Foundations; and a number of post graduate modules in information management.

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