Jak and Daxter coming to PS Vita

Sony has announced that the beloved Jak and Daxter franchise will be made available on the PS Vita, as three titles will be making its way onto the platform.

A screenshot from the Jak and Daxter Collection (image: Sony)

The company announced that Jak and Daxter Collection, which includes Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3, will be coming to the Vita for only $29.99 in June.

“The power of PS Vita means Jak and Daxter Collection will feature authentically reproduced graphics from the original games. Longtime fans will instantly feel at home, and new players will experience the world of Jak and Daxter for the first time, along with new touch-based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection,” Sony said in a post on their official website.

The Collection has already been released of the PlayStation 3 early last year, as developer Naughty Dog made a faithful High-Definition remake of the original.

“Jak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita has full Trophy support, but fear not Trophy hunters — the list isn’t shared with the PS3 version, so go for the Platinum! We’ve been hard at work on this addition to the Jak and Daxter lineage, and we can’t wait to hear your hover board triumph stories as well as your trials and tribulations during your quests for more eco,” Sony explained.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor